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A global leader in commerce marketing, Criteo is driven by the world’s best employees.

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Be Valued.

Don’t climb the corporate ladder—chart your own course. We put tremendous effort into developing career paths, and we encourage people to move forward by trying new roles, whether that is in another department or on the other side of the world.
You don't often hear stories about employees being excited to wake up and come into work each day, but here at Criteo, that's exactly what it's like. Not only do you feel like you have a second family here, but the environment is energizing and you can feel the passion everyone has here about their role at Criteo.
— Brie Nelson,
Director Account Strategy, NYC
I started as a developer and in a little over a year I have had the opportunity to advance to the Senior level I am now. I have also had a chance to see Criteo Palo Alto grow from 15 Engineers to 50 Engineers in a small time span, and it is still growing. Criteo provides flexibility for employees to discover different opportunities within Company and move their career in the direction they are more interested in.
— Anu Srivastava,
Software Engineer R&D, Palo Alto

Be Empowered.

Even though we’ve grown to over 2700 employees, we still maintain the ethos of a start-up. We encourage our employees to take on new challenges and risks.

Be the Next Innovator.

We’re Europe’s biggest Hadoop cluster, with the largest public machine learning dataset of more than 4 billion lines. With data this immense, our team needs to be more than brilliant they’re innovation superheroes.

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Be Fulfilled.

Your workplace is more than where you make a living. We are passionate about what we do, and want you to be too. Our offices are full of hard work, fun, food and celebration.

Cutting Edge Innovation

Cutting Edge Innovation

We never stop trying to make our technology better. Work alongside the best and the brightest on projects that excite you.

International Culture

International Culture

Always wanted to live abroad? Or work with people from all over the world? We foster a truly global mindset.

Happy Hours

Happy Hours

Our developers make wicked-good DJs and our break rooms make dynamite dance floors.



From catered lunches to a huge beverage selection, we give you the fuel you need to innovate.

Engineer a Better World

Engineer a Better World

Quarterly Criteo GO! Days let you and your team give back to your community and your world.

Chill Zone

Chill Zone

Who doesn’t want the chance to beat their boss at Super Mario Bros?


I have been working for Criteo for a long time now—10 years!—but here, you don’t see the time fly. New projects, products, challenges, coworkers, there is always something new to learn. Criteo is a world-class company. We have amazing offices all over the world, and you can enjoy internal/international mobility. I had the opportunity to move from Paris to the Palo Alto R&D Office. You can’t get bored with Criteo!
— Damien Michau
Criteo is a phenomenal place to work, with a global and local community of brilliant people who create an environment that prioritizes shared learning, shared experiences, and an absolute commitment to excellence. We see this in the desire our leaders have in fostering a collaborative environment, the drive our coworkers have in doing their part, and the reactions of our clients on a daily basis.
— Owen Pierce,
Account Strategist, NYC

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