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Not Another Big Data Conference: Palo Alto

The conference by developers for developers

Conference: Tue, December 12, 2017, 8:30AM – 7PM

Workshop: Mon, December 11, 2017, 10AM – 4PM

Criteo Palo Alto

325 Lytton Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301

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NABDConf is coming to the Bay Area for the first time on December 12!

After two successful editions in Paris, we are now bringing NABDConf to the Bay area. On December 12, the conference by developers for developers will bring together engineers who have spent their careers resolving difficult problems at scale with other engineers who are facing similar challenges or who are just plain curious as to what’s going on behind the scenes at web-scale companies like Spotify, Cloudera, Uber, Criteo, and at fast-moving startups like Determined AI. 

This edition will center around topics ranging from real world deep learning and data science at scale to the nuts and bolts of making data engineering easier to understand and ever more efficient. We'll deep dive into technology like Spark, Parquet and Arrow, TensorFlow and other OSS projects like FeatranCuttle and SLAB. 

Sessions will include industry heavyweights sharing insights on:

  • Scalable Deep Learning on Big-Data Clusters
  • Monitoring data production and the escalation process around it
  • Examining multiple examples to outline these key capabilities of TensorFlow and Spark

Register for the conference today! 

Want to know what to expect? Check out the highlight reel from last year's event

Criteo will donate all proceeds from ticket sales to Techfugees, a social enterprise mobilizing the international tech community to respond to the refugee situation. Techfugees organizes conferences, workshops and hack-a-thons around the world in an effort to supply a pool of tech solutions and tech talent to NGOs working with refugees, and refugees themselves.  

NABDConf 2017 is proudly sponsored by:

Vertica            Criteo Labs

Join us on December 11 for a one-day Workshop: Functional Programming With Scala

To celebrate NABDConf's debut in Palo Alto, Criteo is hosting an exclusive workshop led by the inventor of Play framework, Guillaume Bort. The workshop will take place one day before the conference and is limited to 40 seats. Register today to save your spot!

The workshop will cover:

  • Sequencing Computations – Mastering map/flatMap/fold/
  • Implicits Everywhere – Adhoc Polymorphism With Type Classes
  • Concurrent Functional Programming With Scala – Mastering Future & Promise

Register for the workshop today!


8:30 AM – 9:15 AM Welcome/Breakfast
9:15 AM – 9:30 AM NABD Intro and Welcome
Justin Coffey
9:30 AM – 10:15 AM Parquet and Arrow
Julien Le Dem
10:15 AM – 10:30 AM Evolving Engineering Culture
Mohsin Hussain
10:30 AM – 11:15 AM Learnings on Big Data Access for BI/Data Science/ML
David Chaiken
11:15 AM – 12:30 PM Featran77 – Generic Feature Transformer for Data Pipelines
Neville Li
12:30 PM – 2:00 PM Lunch Break
2:00 PM – 2:45 PM Building and Deploying ML Systems at Spotify
Samantha Hansen
2:00 PM – 2:45 PM Guerilla SLAs with SLAB, or How I Stopped My Pager from Ringing When it Wasn’t My Fault (I Swear)
Justin Coffey
2:50 PM – 3:35 PM Deep Learning in Practice
Ameet Talwalkar
2:50 PM – 3:35 PM TensorFlow on Spark
Andy Feng
3:35 PM – 4:00 PM One File Format in One Place for Analytics: Leveraging Apache Parquet and HDFS in Both MPP Databases and SQL on Hadoop Engines
François Jehl, Raphaël Claude
4:00 PM – 4:45 PM Impala Performance
Mostafa Mokhtar
4:00 PM – 4:45 PM Time Series Jobs Scheduling at Criteo With Cuttle
Guillaume Bort
4:50 PM – 5:35 PM Using the Power of Big Data and Science to Achieve Efficiency for Uber's Marketplace
Sudhir Tonse
5:35 PM Official Cocktail Session

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